Assignments2 - Write a user guide

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The goal of this assignment is to emphasise what you learned so far.

It is also an opportunity to practice to write readable technical documentation in english.

Don’t forget that a competent engineer must have technical and writing skills.


Suppose that I am your student and you are my teacher.

I would like that you explain to me in a document how to setup a Linux machine.

As a student I have only my laptop with Windows7.

I have also access to the Internet.

As a student I am totally clueless about Linux.

The keywords that must be used in your document are:

  • Internet
  • Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Virtualisation
  • User access
  • root user
  • Network setup (IP address, netmask, default gateway…)
  • File system
  • Processes
  • SSH
  • Putty

The instructions must be very clear and simple.

You have to explain each step.

The document will be a user guide for a newbie...

The document must be written in ASCII.

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