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You’re most likely here since you need help understanding learn about chemistry. Maybe your trainer appears to be talking a international language and you want somebody to interrupt it down in plain, simple English? Maybe it’s been a while because you last took a chemistry class and you might use a refresher? Regardless of your motive, I do know I can help.

He would write Sg, Lr, Bk, Cf, Am. That’s Seaborgium (Sg), named after Seaborg himself; Lawrencium (Lr), named after the Lawrence Berkeley Nationwide Laboratory; Berkelium (Bk), named after the city of Berkeley, the home of UC Berkeley; Californium (Cf), named after the state of California; Americium (Am), named after America.

Usually, when something is chilly, it shrinks. That’s as a result of temperature describes atomic vibration - the extra vibration, the more space it takes, therefore enlargement. Water is an exception. Although it vibrates less when it’s frozen, the ice occupies more quantity. That’s because of the unusual form of the water molecule.

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